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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Shower Pictures

Here are some more pictures for you to enjoy!

It's a Girl

So Kyle and I, as always, wanted to find out the gender of our baby in a different way, be original, come up with a unheard of plan. And we did! We decided to have the ultrasound tech write the sex on a card and seal it. We would then pass it along to my sister who was throwing the shower. She would then plan the party for the appropriate sex AND tell all the guest the sex so that we would not end up with a ton of yellow and brown, ducks and monkeys. Not that those things are not adorable. So everyone knew what we were having before we did. People asked if that bothered us and my response was "I don't know, well see." But it didn't it was kind of like a game and Kyle and I are always up for games.

Kyle and I both talked about what we hoped for and to tell the truth we really didn't care. We had been hoping for a little bundle for quite some time at that point and when you have been waiting for what seems like forever you truly just want a happy healthy baby. Of course I felt a girl would be easier because I am one and it seemed at the time I would know what to do with a little girl easier than a little boy, I was wrong. Kyle felt the same about a boy. Little did we know that no matter what parts a baby has down below they are still a mystery to be solved.

The shower idea seemed to work, no one spilled the beans which was our biggest fear. My sister, mom and Melissa planning the shower. Many other wonderful family and friends helped by bring yummy food for all of us to enjoy! A friend of ours also took pictures as a gift. It was so much fun, and it felt so nice to have all of the people there that we love so much (minus some that could not make it because of distance). I do know that our reaction was not as people had hoped, when we entered the room we just both smiled with delight. There were no screams of "YAY", that just isn't really us, well in a large group like that. To tell the truth when we walked in and saw everyone staring at us I felt a little overwhelmed, I'm not one who likes to be the center of attention, even less so Kyle. I didn't really think that who "revealing" process through. Next time!

We not only wanted to be original with how we found out the sex of our baby but we also wanted to be original with the events activities. Since it was going to be a Jack and Jill we wanted everyone to have fun. We had a photo booth with props, a onesie decorating table, a well wishes/memory lane station and a party isn't complete with out a little competition. We had a baby food eating contest boys again girls which the boys won.

It was a great day I'm thankful for Mike who took pictures for us and my Aunt Caroline who took pictures of all the little details that I didn't really get to enjoy the day of. Kyle and I really enjoyed ourselves thanks to Allison, Mom and Melissa who worked so hard so that we could have a wonderful shower. Also thanks to everyone who came to our little lady's special day. It is a day that we will never forget.

I am already thinking of brilliant ways to find out the gender or baby number two one day. Sometimes I wonder if I missed my life calling to be a party planner.

I would call this shower an Unordinary Smith Adventure. :)