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Monday, November 4, 2013

4/365 - 10/365

So I have been thinking of either posting only once a week or just editing one post with a weeks worth of photos. What do you think?

Photo 4
ISO 5000, 1/100 s f2.2 50mm
Photo 5
ISO: 2000 1/100s f2.5 50mm
Photo 6
ISO: 4000 1/200s f2.0
 Which do you like better?

Photo 7
1600 1/20s f3.5 18mm
Macro Filter
This is a tiny glimpse of what our living room looks like at the end of the day. Even our kitty coming out of hiding. This is SOOC I didn't really know what to do to it. Any suggestions?

Photo 8
ISO: 1000 1/200s 3.5 18mm
Everyone, meet Blazer our 5 year old kitty!
Photo 9
ISO: 1600 1/200s 2.8 24mm
Ode to 40 weeks of pregnancy! Time to meet our baby BOY!

Photo 10
ISO: 1250 1/20s 3.5 24mm
Happy 6 years to my hunk, I love you Kyle!


  1. I think you should do what is the easiest for you. You are going to be extra busy, soon. I think editing, w/ a week's worth of pics sounds good,

  2. I cannot get enough of Annanka, and I am sure I will feel the same about your son. So, I am too greedy to be honest. :/

  3. P.S. It says 4/365 - 10/365. Does that mean this is the picture for the week?

    1. No I'm just going to do one post for the week and add to it!

  4. So brave to let your little one touch your camera! I give an evil look whenever my littles get close to mine ;) And, I love the adorable glasses your daughter is wearing in the second photo!

    1. It's technically my "back-up" camera and I was VERY close to her. It was just too cute for me to not snap a few pictures! :) Thanks for taking a look Barb!

  5. These are all wonderful, you have such a wide variety of moments you captured!

    1. Thanks Missy, I'm working my B&W and it's just so hard not to take pictures of my little one!

  6. You have such a cute little girl! Congrats on your new addition also!! My favorite is the one of your daughter holding the camera, my girls like to try and take pictures with my DSLR too. Future photographer in the making lol.