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Sunday, June 24, 2012

No longer and infant

I am not sure when a baby is no longer an infant but I would say that our darling little Annaka has reached that point. I feel that she has grown so much this month. You can tell that she has been watching and learning but this month, WOW!

This month Annaka has:
~Started Solids
~Stopped Solids (I think it was a little too early for rice cereal)
~Found her thumb
~Discovered where she is ticklish
~Had her first very bad diaper rash, Yikes!
~Went to her friend Logan and Zephan's birthday parties
~Really gave her head a good smack on the hardwood floor
~Rolled off a bed
~Decided her schedule was not working for her anymore (she has yet to tell me her new schedule)
~and.... Drum roll please...... SAT UP without assistance!!!

The last one was the big one and I guess when I look at this list it isn't full of a ton of firsts but for some reason our little lady just seems so much more "grown up". Everyday more and more of her sweet little personality is developing and blooming. She is such a happy little girl she loves to stare at people and stare and stare. She does not give her smiles away easily. She is always watching and listening. She loves to dance around to music. She loves to play with seltzer bottles. She is so much more interactive and has become so much more fun.

I think that I am finally starting to feel like a mom. Annaka will prefer me over other people get upset when I leave the room or leave her with someone that she is not familiar with and believe it or not it makes me feel good. It makes me feel like I am not just some lady with the "liquid gold" aka breast milk that plays on the floor and makes funny faces at my daughter. I am glad for that, maybe one day I will just want a minute of peace away from my children but when that day comes I hope that I can look back on this blog and remember what it feels like for Annaka to want me over other people. Right now I also want to remember that one day when she is cool and out and about I will wish that she still preferred me over anyone else.

Dear Little Annaka,

You are so sweet. I do wish you would sleep a little longer at night but I am thankful that you have healthy lungs and a healthy appetite! I really delight in you and your sweet, sweet smile. I am thankful that with me your smiles are never limited and always come in abundance. I love that you love people, I hope that you never loose that. I pray that you use your sweet little life to always glorify your Creator.

I really, really love you so much my darling little girl.