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Friday, February 24, 2012

Two Months and Counting

Dear Annaka, I feel very tired this month. Your father has been traveling so I have been playing single mom for the past 3 weeks, hard work! Even though people have been visiting and I have visited people it is just not the same as having a partner. That is one thing that you want in a husband, if you decide you want to be married, someone who walks with you in life. Someone who isn't just along for the ride but someone who is engaged and invest in you and your family. This month I feel like you have had so many first and a lot of new things that I have discovered, lets see if I can remember them all.
~First sleep over, at Auntie Allison's
~First time you smiled back when we smiled at you
~First boo boo, Gus was trying to protect you from a sleeping Blazer and jumped over you and grazed your perfect little forehead
~You had your first date with Piper
~First time you slept through the night, THANK YOU!
~You began holding your head up all on your own
~You LOVE bath time
~You do much more cooing and ahing
~You have a favorite toy, Your Giraffe
~You fell asleep in your crib all on your own
~Your eyelashes are getting longer
~Uncle Nic and Auntie Allison babysat you
~You taught your mother 2 VERY important lessons: You taught me to tell my mother that I love her more often and that no matter what she will always love me more than I love her. That she is always trying her best to be the best mother that she can be. That she made sacrifices that didn't feel like sacrifices so that she could be the best mother possible. To tell her that I love her more and that I am thankful for all the nights she stayed up with me for all the selflessness that she has shown me. Not because she needs to hear it but because I lover her. That no matter how old I get she will always want to hear what I am thinking and that she always hopes that I need her. This lesson my dear sweet girl is one of the most important lessons I could ever learn, thank you. Number two, the dirty house will still be there after snuggle time, my friends will still be there when you have your own to hang out with, there will always be a job for me to work. You are only tiny once, you will not always want to snuggle and one day you will be too busy to tell me all about your day. So I am going to enjoy you, enjoy our time together and save the rest for another day.

I love you my dear sweet Annaka you have already made me a better person.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

6 Weeks Old

So a very dear friend of mine, Lydia Rodriguez, suggested that I do a better job at updating our blog, that lots of people out there would like to see what we are up to. Most importantly it will give our beautiful baby girl, Annaka, something to look back on. She is right so hopefully I will do a MUCH better job at keeping this up than I have been. Some posts will be to you the reader and other post will be to Annaka. I guess which ever seems appropriate. I hope that you enjoy our lives as much as we do.

Annaka, Yesterday you were officially 6 weeks old! It has been a wonderful 6 weeks, you are such a sweet tempered, easy going baby. Not that I am surprised by that I always thought that you would be an easy going, fun, adorable child. Right now you are sleeping giving me some time to follow your Auntie Lydia's advice and keep up with our family blog.

What is going on with you: You can lift up your head and turn it from side to side, You smile A LOT and we love it, You are grabbing at things around you more often, You love your Daddy who has started calling you Blue Eyes the past couple weeks. You got your first scrape this week from Gus. He didn't mean to he thought that he was protecting you from Blazer, that was a bad start to a rough day for you, poor baby. You talk in your sleep a lot and make funny faces while you are sleeping. You are sleeping through the night, which means you are sleeping a 5 hour stretch, which Mommy and Daddy appreciate. Now if we can only figure out when that stretch begins we will be golden! You are always looking around discovering the world around you. You always look like you are thinking important thoughts, I can't wait to hear them all!

What a wonderful 6 weeks this has been we are tired of course but that won't last forever. Our house is messier than I would like it but there will be lots of time to clean it later. We don't go out as often as we did but everything and everyone will be there when we are ready. We love our new little bundle very much. Kyle is an amazing father that loves his little girl and has a way with her already that is precious and amazing to watch. There is no one else in the world that I would want by my side on this parenting journey.

Thanks for reading.