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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two months of baby goodness going too fast

I'm at home with my kiddos everyday, I get to watch them change and grow I am blessed to not miss to much about my sweet littles, yet they are still growing too fast and I can't seem to keep up. The fist two months are just as I remember, so slow and way to fast at the same time. The nights are long waking every two hours to nurse and the days go by so quickly, between snuggles and making sure everyone is fed and play time the nights come fast, usually. This time around I am a little more patience, knowing that it all ends too soon. I know that there is an end in sight that I will sleep again, the dishes will get done and that my true friends will not judge me for being slightly...dirty.

Dear Thaddaeus,
This month you are still sleeping lots, during the day while I am holding you, of course. You are nursing very well all hours of the day. Not spitting up as much as you did the first month, which I am very thankful for. We had out second month visit and all was well, you weighed in at 13lbs and 7oz and 23.5" long, you are a BIG, HEALTHY boy, I love it!! You are smiling a lot while you are awake, we have even been getting some small giggles out of you, they are so sweet and always bring a smile to my tired face. You have a contagious gummy smile, I love a gummy smile. Some days I never want you to get any bigger, I want you to stay this sweet little bundle that I carry around in a sling all day. The doctor says that I should put you down more but I just can't do it. I know that it is gone way to fast. Even if you grow up to be a cuddle bug I'll still miss it. Today was one of my favorite moments thus far. I was holding you while you were awake against my chest, you were chewing on your hand and you were so content. The look on your face was "I am the happiest boy right here and there is no place I would rather be." At that moment I forgot how tired and dirty I was and nothing in that moment mattered. It was a good moment, I hope that I never forget it.

With all the love my heart can hold,



Lots of pictures, I know. Stayed tuned for a new blog address coming soon! Name ideas?

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