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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Summer and Fall catch up! Part 1

Well this summer and fall have flown by. It looks like the last time that I posted was Annaka's half birthday. It also looks like there are three attempts but I never finished those posts. At home Annaka and I tired to enjoy all the sun that we could. We also have been enjoying our afternoon naps! I have a feeling that I may have to give them up in a few weeks. We are also at 39 weeks of baby baking!!! One more weekish to go, hopefully!! So in our free time we have been getting ready for our little man. Also Strawberry Patch has been so busy, which has been fantastic! So I have been learning to be a mom, take naps and keep up with our new business, thank God for Allison. Kyle is still working from home and he has not had to travel too much, really none since the fall. Looks like he may have to do a little travel in December, hopefully not too much! Also Ryan, Kyle's brother, and his family came and visited us for the weekend it was so nice to see them.

So even though it has just seemed like our day to day activates somehow we are approaching the holidays, which we have no plans for. Our little lady will be two and we will be a family of four very soon. Here are some pictures I hope you enjoy them. Stay tuned starting Friday I am taking on a Photo a Day Challenge! I might miss a few days while I am giving birth but I'm really hoping that this will be good practice!



Tuesday, October 29, 2013

365 Days of photos!

I do plan on playing a little catch up tonight with our blog, even though July isn't that bad, right?!

But I also am going to try a 365 day photo challenge. what better time then when you have a new little bundle of joy and such a photogenic daughter!

Maybe you can join us too!