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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Baby Time

Well, we are going to finally have something to write about! Kyle and I are expecting our first little munchkin! It seems that most people either live in a incredible interesting place, have unique jobs or have children when they write blogs. Or maybe they are just extremely cleaver. Kyle and I are going to go with the baby thing. :)

We have had one ultrasound and so far so good. Everything looks good and sounds healthy! I still am not really showing but my pants just don't seem to fit right. I am in week 17 but still feeling a little sick. Not craving anything, just trying to eat healthy. I think that is all to report at the moment.

We are going through all our stuff and making room for our little bundle of joy that will be on their way soon!

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  1. So excited! Are you guys going to find out sex? I am guessing you probably have another Ultrasound around week 20ish where they can tell you if you want to find out.

    Shalisa didn't want to know... but I HAD to know, so we found out on both of ours. I think it would be fun to not know... but it would drive me insane knowing I could know. Plus I am a huge planner and it just seemed so "practical" to find out.

    Also, I am hoping you guys have a girl, mainly cause I can't tell if Kyle is joking that he is planning on going with "Shamgar" if it is a boy.