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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

To my sweet 7 month old....

My dear sweet Annaka,
I can't believe that I am sitting down to write your 7th month blog. For some reason this month seemed to fly by faster than the others. Maybe because we had a lot going on this month. We threw a 30th birthday party for you daddy. Your dad's traveling has slowed down and we traveled with him one week so that was nice. We also are currently under contract for a two unit apartment in Portland Maine. So I guess that is a lot on top of the normal day in and day out events.

You are changing and growing so fast. I simply adore you. You do things all the time that I never want to forget. Things that I don't quite know how to capture. you recently started to do this smacking noise, it's not with your lips but with your tongue, I love it! When you sleep you hold on to your tiny little clammy feet with your sweet little clammy hands, we bought a monitor this month and your father and I love to just watch you. At first when we realized we could hook it up to the TV I said "Why would we do that to just sit and watch her, lame." and then that is exactly what we did. We don't have too many pictures of you sleeping since we don't want to wake you (the sleeping beast). One day we will have to be brave and snap the once in a lifetime shot of you in those adorable positions and suffer the consequences before we miss our opportunity. When you were very, very tiny still sleeping on our bellies you use to make this face when you work up it was like a stretching face, you would press your lips together and move your head side to side like Steve Wonder then your head would collapse back on to our chest like your head was the heaviest object you had ever lifted, it probably was at the time. It was adorable I hope I never forget since every time I pulled out the camera that was the time you decided not to do it. When I am watching Gilmore Girls I mean, when we are watching Gilmore Girls, you always stop whatever you are doing and stare at the TV while Carol King plays and the credits roll. I hope never to forget this sweet little things that make you so special.

So this was a big big month for our little angle. We moved you from the co-sleeper bassinet to a full size crib, well a pack and play until we move and you get your own room. You stopped using your baby bath and are using the WHOLE tube. you love it! You started solids, we are taking a baby led weaning approach which I will post about in more detail in a later post. You love avocados, zucchini, strawberries, watermelon cantaloupe, sweet potatoe and bananas. You try everything that we put in front of you. I think that your all time favorite is the avacado though you have one everyday! You also tried an egg for the first time yesterday made in coconut oil with some pepper and spinach. You are also learning to express yourself with your voice. You had a little tantrum the other night in front of your dad and I, we couldn't help but laugh. You have also gone down to two naps. We'll we just started that yesterday. I am sure I will have more to say about it next month. You also are getting your two bottom teeth, very exciting!

I love your relaxed personality you go with the flow, are never really fussy unless you are tired, wet or hungry for the most part. You are smiley and loving. You love to cuddle with people you are comfortable with. When you enter a room or come across a new space I love how you need a minute to asses the environment before you leave my side. Even though you don't rush into anything you never shy away from new experiences.

Annaka your father and I adore you, We are so grateful to God that he picked us to be your parents. We pray everyday that God will give us wisdom when it comes to making choices for your sweet little life. Thank you for being you, we love every single bit of you and we are already so proud of the little person that you are turning out to be.

With all the love in the world,

This is us at the Alabama Zoo. You seemed to enjoy yourself.

You love your avocado. 

Our little girl getting bigger!

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  1. What a beautiful post. You say so well things that are not easy to capture, the wonder of your child, everyday.