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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Week 12 and 13

So what is happening with our growing little lady you ask? Well, Annaka has been enjoying using her spoon! She is doing an excellent job and she is so proud of herself and she should be! Those molars still seem to be bothering her here and there which makes for some long nights. Thankfully every few nights she sleeps through the night so we can catch up on some sleep, she is thoughtful.
 Annaka also had her 15 month check up and last set of vaccinations for a few years. She is 50th in height, 25th in weight and her head is in the 75th percentile. I can't believe she is growing so fast! I love when we tickle her and she laughs and laughs. Sometimes she even drools a little. She loves watching Shaun the Sheep with daddy in the morning while the snuggle in the bed. I have noticed that she is starting to loose her sweet little baby smell and getting that kid smell. Annaka has been saying more words and learning to communicate more and more. Even if Ball, Bath, Balloon, Blazer and Back all sound the same. We know the difference and that is all that matters. She hates to have anything in her hair, she likes to feel free is my guess. So if you see Annaka with hair in her eyes I want it to be out of her face as much as you do. She also loves to eat oranges whole, peel and all!

Just love and adore this pretty little girl. She really is a blessing to Kyle and I. We are so thankful that God choose us to be her parents. Not everyone wants to be a mommy and daddy and I respect that but Kyle and I love it we could not be happier. 

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