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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

To the Birthday Girl

So our little lady had her one and a half birthday party last month. Since our little girl is a Christmas Eve baby in order to share with friends and family we had a party in June. It was a wonderful rainbow themed, hot day! There were a few of our favorites missing but we are so grateful for everyone who was able to make it out to celebrate our sweet little lady. Here are some pictures!

Cake Time

about to take off her hat
Sweet Auntie Love

The Schoolcraft Family

The Hawkins Family

The Grandmaison Family

The Yake Family

Smith Family

Gregan Family

Grandparent Photo

Yummy Cake

Birthday Girl

Z photo bombed us

The beginning of gift unwrapping madness

It got a little crazy
Auntie and Uncle, thanks for taking photos Allison!

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