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Saturday, November 24, 2012

11 Last baby month

They say that a one year old is a toddler but I can't believe it, she is still so tiny, she still has so much growing to do. Maybe I will be saying that for the rest of my life, that she is still so tiny and still has so much growing to do.

This month for Annaka: 
Had her first halloween, she was a cupcake.
First sweets, a lollipop and a ice cream cone.
Started to gibe kisses, baby kisses
Took her first unassisted steps.
Had her first overnight away from Mom and Dad.
Fell on her face and cut her lip with her teeth.
Got two more teeth on the bottom.
First Thanksgiving.
First finger painting project.
Running with her baby walker.
Started sleeping through the night!!!!

ice cream come

A lollipop in her cupcake outfir

Mom and baby

First finger paint project
First Thanksgiving meal

Helping decorate the tree

Dear Annaka,
You are growing so fast. It has been so cool to watch you grow and change and become this little person. People told me that this time would go by fast I imagined it going by fast but it is a type of fast that I guess you don't know till you have babies. If you even choose to have babies enjoy all the moments. Try hard to not miss any, to breathe and relax when you are frustrated, to try and remember that you will get to sleep again one day. This time really doesn't last forever and it has gone way to quick. Thank you for trying to talk to us. I love when you "say" Gus or Dada. Sometimes we think that you are repeating everything that we are saying! It is amazing! Thank you for giving us kisses, wet slimy ones and thank you for lighting up and smiling big when we see each other after a time away. Sometimes when I put you down for bed I miss you. I love talking to you on our walks. I love reading to you every night and I love having cuddle time when you first wake up. 

Thank you Annaka for being adorably sweet and so kind to everyone. Everyone who meets you loves and how could they not. I love you so much Annaka and I am so excited to continue to watch you grow.

Mommy {which you have yet to say;)}

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