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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We have reach double digits 10 months

Today as I peeled back the 10 month sticker from the paper I began to get a little teary eyed. It caught me off guard since I am not the emotional type so it was short lived but none the less it happened. Only two more stickers (the ones that I have used in the onesies) until the first year is over, where did the time go, they say it goes by fast but no amount of warning can really prepare you for the speed of light the year as felt so far. Now not only is Annaka's first birthday coming up but the holidays as well. I know at the end of the next two months I'll wish I hadn't blinked.

As always our sweet little lady filled our month with more joy, laughter, frustration, exhaustion, concern and love than the month before. Our once tiny little infant is now not only crawling but walking with assistance. I can't believe it, I was not wishing for this day to come SO soon. I was fine with the fact that the only way she could get around was crawling and pulling herself up. Of course I couldn't be more proud of our smart daughter. I am sure I have said it often but watching someone grow is truely one of the most amazing gifts from God. Besides my husband, Annaka is the most wonderful earthly gift I could have ever been blessed with.

Our little world traveler was on the road again this month. We finally were able to visit the sunny land of California. It was so great to be able to see family and friends. Of course I think that they were all more excited to see Annaka understandably. :) We were there for a week and we stayed with Lydia my best friend from college. It was so great to be someplace that even though we had never been to was so warm and familiar. Lydia wrote a great post and posted some GREAT photos on her blog. http://syniahsmama.blogspot.com/2012/10/a-baby-in-our-home-smith-visit.html I was so glad she took so may pictures, I tend to slack on taking pictures when I know someone else is, then when I get home and have no pictures I am always upset with myself (hopefully my dear friend will send them all to me ;) One day I may learn. We were also able to see my dad's family, my dad goes out every year for his mother's birthday and this year we joined him. We also say my very dear friends Haiza and Christine and her family. All in all it was a fantastic trip.

While we were in California we also visited the world famous San Diego Zoo. Annaka did pretty good she lasted a whole 5 hours! She enjoyed seeing monkeys and birds. She did also enjoy watching the elephant relieve himself we did not photograph that event.

This month on the way home from California Annaka had A LOT to say and has not stopped talking since. She was very friendly with the people that we meet at the airport, mixed feelings about that one. She also had her 9 month visit and she is doing great! She got her last round of shots for a while, and is in the 50th percentile for height and weight. Her head is in the 75th percentile. Annaka is also getting her top 4 teeth, yes at once, poor baby and poor mommy and daddy a little bit. Like I said ealier she is walking with the assistance or whatever and whoever is around and mobile. She moves FAST!

The biggest event I think of the whole month is that she spent the first FULL night away from her mommy. It was a success and only a few tears were shed. I had a girls weekend with two of my best friends from high school Auntie Miss and Auntie Kris. It was nice to get away to know that she is fine with out me. :(  But it was also nice to see her smile when I got back. Sometimes I really go nuts being home all the time and I miss working but it does make a mommy feel all warm and fuzzy inside when their baby is so happy to see them!
Kyle and I are going to try and really soak up these last two months of Annaka's first year. Soak up all the baby goodness that we can get.

Happy 10 months Annaka! We love you and are so glad that you have many more wonderful milestones ahead of you. We plan to enjoy them all as we get to witness you grow into a beautiful little lady.

Your adoring fans,
Mom and Dad

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