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Saturday, December 28, 2013

To My Sweet Girl

Dear Annaka,
Happy Birthday sweetheart, the time is going by too fast. You are becoming an independent, smart, funny, bright, strong little girl. You make me laugh everyday with your funny faces and your smooth dance moves. Even though I still call you baby girl you are no longer a baby. You have lost those chubby cheeks and thighs. You can run so fast and climb almost anything. You have opinions and preferences. I am so grateful that you still enjoy my company, I hope that never ends. You keep me on my toes, you are always learning new things and showing me new "tricks". You have lots of words that you are using to express yourself. I love watching movies with you and seeing all of your reactions, it's my favorite when you say, "Oh, no!" in your sweet little high pitched voice. I am so grateful that you still eat lots of yummy food. You really enjoyed the lamb that we had with your auntie and uncle. Uncle Nic is still your most favorite person, you both have so much fun playing together, you love ALL things Australian.

You are becoming such an amazing big sister. I know that it has been hard on you; sharing your mommy and daddy time but you are doing such an amazing job. It seems to get easier and easier everyday.

I am always praying for you and I am always praying that the Lord will give me wisdom how to raise you to be the kind of woman that He wants you to be. I make lots of mistakes but you always forgive me and I am grateful that even with all my mistakes you will still be who Jesus intends you to be.

I love you so much my sweet little girl, everyday is an adventure with you and I am loving being your mommy. I am so excited to see how much you will change and grow this next year.

With all my love my Sweet Little Cuddle Bug.



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