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Friday, August 24, 2012

Eight is better than GREAT!

What a month for our sweet little bug. I am starting to realize that the first year of life is to say the least busy. Annaka is learning and growing so much I can barley keep up. If only we grew a tenth as much as a baby in their first precious year we would all be a little bit better, I think.

I fall more and more in love with our little munchkin everyday. She is so sweet and so funny. Time does seem to be slipping by so fast. Some days I do wish she would grow up fast so I could sleep and have a schedule and some days I wish she was still that tiny little baby that would snuggle on my chest for all of her naps. I pray that I savor my time more and that I don't let it pass with out enjoying every moment. I don't want to look back at pictures and wonder where the time went, wonder how it went by so fast and wish to go back in time. Maybe every mom wishes that no matter how much she savors all those sweet little moments.

Well this month not only has Annaka been surrounded by boxes and packing tape but she is also becoming such a "big girl" or as some would call it mobile. Annaka got her bottom two sweet little teeth. I don't believe that they have completely come in but they have made an appearance.  I also learned that her favorite bath time toy is her comb. It is so funny when she lets go of it and a few seconds later searches franticly from side to side to see who has snatched it from her little grasp. The look of relief in her face once it has safely found it's way back to her hand and mouth is priceless. Annaka has also been saying "da-da", as well as lots of other babbling, is this to Kyle we are not quite sure, does she know what she is saying we don't really think so, but who knows. Our little love bug also enjoys waving hello to Blazer our cat or to nothing. Not only has Annaka finally mastered the task from rolling back to belly and belly to a sitting position this Wednesday she CRAWLED!!! I am not 100% sure but I believe that our lives as parents will never be the same.

As always Annaka is the greatest joy in our lives. Kyle and Annaka have play time in the morning while mommy catches a few zzzzz's that is nice. They also take a walk every afternoon when Kyle takes a work break. She is still enjoying all types of foods. Mainly fruits and veggies. We have given her cheese and eggs as well. I think that this month I will be brave enough to offer her meats. She is still nursing 5-6 times a day. Once or twice at night, I like the nights it is once. We are still at 3 naps a day sometimes only 2. I think that when she is sleeping better at night she will go down to two naps. We are all very excited for Annaka to get her own room! Kyle and I think this will help at night. She seems to be such a light sleeper that the slightest noise in our room and she wakes. We have yet to get rid of the pacifier. It's on our goal list.

So this is our bugs update. She is more fun, sweet, lovable, funny and full of personality everyday. We could not be more grateful for her in our lives.

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