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Friday, August 24, 2012

We bought a house

We live in the bottom and we rent out the top

Kyle and I have been on a LONG journey in the buying house department! When we were first married living in Portland we tried to buy a house. I don't remember the year now I think that it was probably when we wanted to move from our first home together at 29 Kellogg St. We looked and looked but it ended up going no where. We put offers in on a few places but nothing ever worked out. So we figured it was not what God wanted so we moved to 9 Whitehall Ave in South Portland. We loved it there, we loved the neighborhood, the apartment and the landlord, but after a year things changed.

Kyle and I had been in Portland trying to start a church but in May of 2010 it was time for a new adventure and that meant a move, to where we had no idea. So we moved in with my parents in September 2010. We were very sad to leave Portland but we really believed, and still do, that we needed to move.

So after some thought and prayer we tried to settle down in New Hampshire. Again we looked and looked and nothing. We put in offers and nothing ended up working out so we rented an apartment in Portsmouth and waited. We waited to hear from the Lord, we waited for a sign, we waited for ANYTHING but we got NOTHING! So after a year and a half of not being super happy about our living situation and with our growing baby in our tiny apartment it was time to go.

I didn't want to be far from my family with a growing family of my own and in our hearts Kyle and I still loved Portland Maine. We started looking again in Portland Maine. After a couple of months we put an offer in on 23 Edwards St and they took it!!! WHAT? NO WAY?!!!

That brings us to the present. We are now in a two unit in a wonderful neighborhood right near downtown. We love it! and we love our tenants and we love our yard and we love our space.  And it just so happens that Allison, my sister lives ACROSS the street, BONUS!

So we are thankful to be in Portland, we do not like being cold and we do not want to be here forever but we know that we are exactly where we are suppose to be. Exactly where the Lord wants us for now.
Unloading the truck

Thanks fellas

It was a hot day, Annaka is enjoying her new lawn


Our front door

How we felt at the end of the day

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