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Monday, September 24, 2012

What happened at 9

9 Months
On the Move
I feel like every time I sit down to write a blog it has gone by so fast and she has grown so much, I even say it. I say it because I can't believe how much babies change. You hear about it everyone tells you enjoy the moments they go by fast and you try. I try to soak up all the baby that I can get before it's gone. I try and smell her sweet little head, kiss her chubby cheeks, rub her round, soft belly and listen to all she has to say. I try to do this every minute of every day because I believe all those experienced mommies out there who say it goes by way too fast and I don't want to miss anything. I am beyond blessed that I am able to stay home with Annaka. I know that not all moms are given that opportunity and I feel that because I have been given that opportunity I need to take advantage of it as long as I can have it!

So at nine months Annaka Thea is moving around she loves to crawl and be close to mommy and daddy whenever she can. She loves to find the doggie bowls and play with the water. She also does an EXCELLENT job at pulling herself up setting herself down with NO assistance. It is amazing. Sometimes she will use furniture that is near by and other times she will just do it all on her own, I am amazed by her. She was able to visit with her Grandma Sue and Grandpa Bob who came out to see our new place. We had an un-Birthday for her since they will not he here in December. 
With her favorite red spoon

We had Strawberry Shortcake

Annaka is gaining so much strength in her legs I think that she will be walking very soon! She has had swollen gums and can get a little cranky sometimes. Kyle and I are guessing that it might be her two top teeth but we have yet to see anything. 

One nice thing about moving when your baby is beginning to crawl is that you get a fresh start at making your house baby proof. 
Standing oh so proud

Annaka had her very first tea party where she enjoyed a tomato, avocado, cucumber sandwich. Her great Aunt Caroline and second Cousin Hannah were able to join us. She is still enjoying lots of fruits and veggies, string cheese and yogurts. Annaka also enjoys an avocado every night at dinner. Our goal next month is to start introducing meats and move veggies. 

She also enjoyed some fresh peppers, but never again
Annaka seems to be growing out of her infant toys, she likes toys that make noise, do something other than just look at her, or toys she can make noise with. Like her red coffee scoop. It is her FAVORITE toy at the moment. 

While her grandparents were here for a visit Grandpa Bob did teach his little monkey (that is what he calls his granddaughters) to CLAP. We were so excited and so was Annaka. She also loves to play in her new yard and when it gets cold I think that she will be a little sad to not be outside as much.
We were able to get a shot with ALL her grandparents, so nice

Annaka, you are more fantastic all the time, everyone who meets you loves you. You are so blessed to have so many people who would do anything for you. Of course your biggest fans are your mommy and your daddy. You already make us proud. We are so beyond happy to be your parents, that will never change. We are so excited as you grown, learn, make mistakes, learn from your mistakes, achieve goals, fail goals, love, experience life and become the beautiful person that you already are to be a part of it. We love you more each second of everyday sweet girl. 

Eating a leaf
In a dress that is about to be too small

Proud of the leaf she found

On the go

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  1. Love that face eating the leaf. LOL Too funny! That dress is so cute. It's too bad they grow out of their clothes. Maybe, you can save it and Auntie Allison can make a quilt with it one day! I always thought that would be nice.