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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

11/365 - 16/365

Bedtime stories are the best, especially when the stories are from Australia:
Photo 11
ISO: 1000 1/20s f3.5 25mm

Why hello 50mm I missed you!
Photo 12
ISO: 200 1/25 s f1.8
Coloring has become my daughters new favorite activity. We tried a few months ago but there was more on the walls then there was on the papers. The ISO is too high I think on this photo. I haven't been brave enough to change the ISO on my own. I am still in Auto but after this photo I might give it a try! I think these would have come out a lot better.
Photo 13
ISO: 6400 1/200s f2.8 24mm Lens
Photo 14
ISO: 200 1/30s f4.0

One of the last belly pictures I took before our little guy made his appearance.
So it looks like I missed day 15 and on day 16 I was having a baby!
Stay tuned for last weeks photos!


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