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Thursday, May 24, 2012

5 months already?!

This month flew and with Kyle being gone so much I thought it would DRAG! When I look at the calendar it doesn't feel like a very busy month. We took a trip with Kyle to Chicago which was fun and of course Annaka was a champ! She had her first vaccinations and of course was a champ. We visited friends and family and waited for Daddy to come home. Our little Annaka is growing so much and becoming so much more fun. I don't know what age that a little one passes from infant to baby but I would say that Annaka has entered babyhood. Annaka is also napping all on her own now and only waking one time at night to eat. This is WONDERFUL for mommy! I think that my daughter is fantastic. Everyday I watch as her little personality unfolds more and more. She really does bring such joy to my life.

I think that the lesson that I learned this month, well the biggest lesson, is to follow my gut! I tend to read lots of information and ask several people for advice and take the person's advice that seems the most confident. But I need to follow my gut. No one else knows my daughter or the dynamics of our family. I have learned that if I pray for wisdom use some common sense and deliver with love we will figure it out. I also need to remember that raising children can really be trial and error. So I am going to try and listen to that still small voice more often when it comes to my family.

We are looking forward to Kyle's traveling being done, a trip to Minnesota and California to visit family and friends. We are also really looking forward to moving, hopefully back to Portland ME for now.

Kyle and I love our little girl more and more each passing minute and I think that we are starting to "feel" like parents as she grows. We love the beginnings of our little family and look forward to each and every day as we are blessed with the opportunity to watch our little peanut grow into a beautiful little lady.
Our Baby Girl

Family Shot
Mother's Day with my little lady.

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  1. Yes. Follow your gut. You and Kyle know Annaka better than anyone. No one can love her more, than you two, do. You are the Annaka experts.