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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hello Old Friend

Dear Sleep,
It has been so long since we had our usual rendezvous, I miss you dearly. I think about you all day and wish for our reunion. When that will be I do not know. I am wondering if now that I have a baby our relationship is forever changed, I hope not. When I lay my head down on my pillow to meet you for our date I can't help but think of my day. I think of my little girl, my husband, what we did, how I could have done better, what I will do tomorrow, how I can do it better. My thoughts are consumed thus I become distracted and our time together is cut short. I have been talking to Annaka about you how wonderful you are hoping that your relationship will grow. I am hoping that as your relationship grows ours will grow stronger as well. Sometimes when I lay down at night and all seems perfect for our meeting I just can't find you, maybe it is the excitement that has built up and I am so anxious to find you.

I hope you are well and even as time passes and our paths seem to grow farther and farther apart you will know that I think of you always and look forward to our 7-8 hour visits and lazy weekends laying in bed together. Till then be well old friend and if I can't enjoy you like I use to please don't forget about my dear sweet Annaka.


Below I have added a photo of my little one in case you need a reminder. 

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  1. I like the subtitle of your blog. I'm sorry sleep is so fleeting. It will return, though! I hope you get to catch up a little while Kyle is home. I love you!