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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"What do you do all day?"

I always use to wonder what stay at home mothers did all day? I knew children where work but I still wondered what do they do all day long? Well now I know what stay at home moms do all day. So In case you have been wondering the same thing I thought that I would share with you what I do all day! Now I only have one little munchkin so I am not as busy as those with more than one. Annaka and I have pretty much the same routine everyday and here it is:

We are currently on a 3 hour schedule hoping to change to a 3 and a half hour schedule!!

8am Wake, nurse, diaper change, feed the pets breakfast

8:15-9:30 *Play Time ending in a diaper change

9:30-11am Nap for Annaka and Mommy if we had a bad night. If not time to shower and eat breakfast!

11am Wake, nurse, diaper change

11:15-12pm *Play Time ending in a diaper change

12-2 Laundry (Yes this is a daily task since I use cloth diapers.) Lunch, clean living space, put away laundry, give cat and dog attention

2pm Wake, nurse, diaper change

2-4pm *More play time or errands or we visit some friends and of course a diaper change

4-5pm Nap Again

5pm Wake, nurse, diaper change

5:30-6pm If it is nice out we take Gus for a walk, we wait till 5 so my little lady doesn't get sunburned.

6:00-7:00pm Quiet time, reading books, singing songs

7-8pm Night Time Routine which consist of a baby massage, bath time, another feeding and bed time stories and prayers.

8-9pm Dinner for mom, feed the pets, any last minute laundry, and praying that Annaka will fall asleep. :)

Annaka goes down for naps like a champ now something that less than a month ago I was struggling with. Now it's bed time that we must conquer. It takes me a while to get her down on a good night it takes an hour. :( Going to bed earlier hasn't helped I feel like I have tried everything!!! We will get there.

*Play for Annaka right now is reading books, puppets, licking things, rattles, singing, making faces at her tummy time and rolling over

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  1. Busy, happy Mommy and Baby! Schedules are the way to go with babies!